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The Bolivian Amphibian Initiative is a project that intends to join efforts for the conservation of the endangered amphibians of Bolivia. For this we work with the support from several institutions and people. If you are interested to support our work there are several options

Research work: If you are interested to do research in Bolivian amphibians with us, we welcome all kind of collaboration in research that will allow us to use that data to prioritize our conservation efforts. 


Internships: At the moment we have some experiences with internships with students from some universities, this kind of work is allowing us to share our knowledge and also to improve ours through exchange of experiences.


Amphibian Volunteer: If you want to work as a volunteer in our project you are more than welcome, because you can help us in the different components, research, capacity building, education and captive breeding. Also other kind of activities like English teachers for rural communities, educators, tourism activities or related are needed. If you are interested to support the project and the different activities inside the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative, please contact us ( follow the instructions:







You can also support us with other options of transfer:

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We want to tank the support to several Institutions and people, that in different ways supported our work:

























Individual supporters

Petra Sigrist

Kennet Lundin

Ineke Plaetinck

Family Plaetinck

Dirk Ercken

Kris Ercken

Anton Christiaens

Gerardo Garcia

Jamieson Copsey

Ross MacLeod

Aidan Maccormick

Steffen Reichle

Enrique Romero